Kharb Construction Private Limited seeks Implements, Innovate and Cost-Effective Solutions to Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering Problems. They offer Cost Effective Expertise and Practical Experience on Broad Range of Engineering Issues. They provide Construction, Consultancy & Project Management Services in the Field of Civil and Architectural Engineering. They have built our Reputation on High Quality, Objective Assessment and Value adding Services that reflects the Sustainable Environmental Expectations of the Present and Anticipates those of the Future Professional Excellence and Integrity. High Standards of Business Ethics and Quality Service are Foundation of our Commitment towards the Client.

Kharb Construction Private Limited has a Team who’s well Experienced in the Execution of various kinds of Projects such as Residential Building, Highways, Industrial Projects, Govt. Buildings, Sewerage, Water Supply etc.
Kharb Construction Private Limited has the Expertise in the Field of Topographical Survey, Highways, Bridges, Water Resources, Sewerage, Water Supply, Cadastral Survey, Structural Design and Construction Supervision. They have kept pace with the Latest Technology in Civil and Architectural Engineering and have always Endeavored to adopt Innovative Techniques in Design, Project Preparation and Execution.

Kharb Construction Private Limited Experts are well Qualified, Prolonged and Distinguished Experience in the areas of Specialization Drawn from Govt. Department, Engineering Colleges and Universities.

Our Mission And Vision:

Our Mission is to Provide our Clients with Innovative, Cost Effective, Time Bound, High-Quality Construction & Consultancy Services enabling them in Improving the Performance of their Projects, Programs and Policies in Achieving Sustainable Development.

Quality Assurance Policy:

We Assure to Provide Time Bound, Customized and Value Services to our Clients. We thrive to Assure Quality of the Project through Planning, Implementing, Providing Consultancy to our Clients, based on their requirements. We adopt Tools which are pre-tested and Accustomed to the Field, where we intend to Operate. Each of our Activities goes through the proper checks by the respective experts in-charge and finally goes to the Client through proper Compilation and Internal review.